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Vintage Gibson Marauder Project-comple​te w/ parts

  • Price:$620.00

 Ok.. Heres the story with this. I bought this and it originally had the one EMG select pickup in it Wit the original pickguard,"the one with the devil horns i call em by the neck", The guitar sounded great with the emg.. neck was and is great smooth and fast... Really awesome. Then i purchased 2 original pickups, the humbucker and the one by the bridge in order to restore. I brought it to mu luthier who stripped down and was going to do a complete overhaul and then he noticed I needed a new pickguard. I ordered the one shown, the only one that was listed , but needed the one with the horns.
Meanwhile my luthier takes off and leaves me hanging.
SO what you have here is all original pots, knobs, tuners, bridge and although not original to this exact guitar, original marauder pickups.
You have 2 pickguards, the emg select pickup
There is wear and tear for a guitar this age but it really sounds great and plays awesome.
The only thing needed is "assembly required"... and strings and you will be jamming
Every nut and bolt is accounted for and will be safely bagged.
I am a bass player and have way too much on my plate to deal with this.
I am starting bids at 400 with 40 dollar shipping within US.
Any questions please ask... No refunds , Sold as is...