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Vintage Gibson Skylark Amp

  • Price:$275.00

Welcome to our auction. This is a circa 1967 Vintage Gibson Skylark Tube Amp. Overall condition is very good.

This is an interesting piece. The owner I bought this amp from told me it has been rebuilt to original spec. Speaker is original 10". 

Had paper capacitor replaced. Original tubes are in tube boxes shown in pics. Amp works like a charm.

I did a little research on this amp and found that the GA-5 Skylark amp design was changed to this look which may have been called a Medalist. If you have any information and would like to contribute, please let me know.

When you buy from me, expect to receive what you see in the pics. I know the feeling of buying something sight unseen only to find out the seller was not that accurate. I have been selling on Ebay for more than a decade and I am only happy when you are happy!

Buyer has 24 hours to contact me and 3 days to complete payment transaction. If this criteria is not met, the item will be sold to someone else. Please keep in mind with shipping, when you buy a guitar from me, you are not just paying for shipping. You are paying for my time and experience in packaging delicate items, as well as the cost of new boxes and shipping peanuts. Thanks. Please email me with any questions and good luck in bidding!