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Vintage Harmony,Gene Autry,Silverto​ne,Guitar.1930​s/50s Awesome Collectable!!!

  • Price:$69.99

Up for auction today is my Awesome Gene Autry Melody Ranch vintage guitar! Model # H610. You can find this guitar on the Harmony Guitars Database.(type in Gene Autry)These guitars were made made between the years 1932 and 1955. The Vintage Guitar Magazine Price Guide has it valued between $275 And $350 and that should only go up as the years pass.The guitar has a lot of great things going for it including.....All solid wood construction.( you can't find that today unless you want to pay $1000 +) There are no cracks in the body of the guitar(top,bottom and sides crack free) It has amazing cowboy style stensiling.The headstock and the top paint has very little fading and the colors are still rich and vibrant! The original tuners are in great condition and are very valuable on there own.I've seen these tuners sell on ebay for over $50. Overall,the guitar has a great vintage patina! It does have a couple of issues worth mentioning. There are tiny hairline fractures in the neck.That does not affect playability at all. I'm not sure but,I don't think the bridge is original. And last but not least, the body is very solid but whoever last worked on this guitar did a sloppy glue job and there are traces of visible glue on the body(as seen in the photos) My luthier friend has assured me that these problems can be easily remedied! All in all,a great vintage guitar opportunity! I will include a brand new set of Martin Guitar Strings with the guitar.  Good luck in bidding.