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Vintage Japanese Aria Diamonds EA 200 ES 335 electric semihollow body guitar mij

  • Price:$399.00

1974-1976 (that was the closest I could find anywhere on the internet to date this) Aria Diamonds EA200 ES 335 semi hollow body electric guitar.  The structure of the guitar is perfect, no damage, no large nicks or gouges, or scratches, anywhere under the headstock (the tuners have been changed to Grovers leaving holes on the back of the headstock and the top is pretty rough, I have pictures in pics 11 and 12).  In addition the tone knob for the neck pickup doesn't work, maybe you could get that working, it's an easy fix if you have the right part and know what you are doing, but the tone knob for the middle and bridge positions works fine.  I don't know if that is an original tailpiece because it looks so new, but it is definitely the right one, and it very well could be.

The guitar has had a lot of work done to it to get it so that you can tear the house down with this, and that headstock on the front is gorgeous, and the guitar looks great, Red to black finish, blocks going up a Rosewood neck.  There are a few problems, but the cosmetic stuff is on the back of the headstock so you can see it (and if you really wanted to you could have those filled in and do an overspray and you would never see it.  All of the finish is original , I should probably say that since I am recommending oversprays!!!  You do have a 14 day return policy with us and please ask any questions you like.  

Oh, there is a case but both hinges are broken, however all the latches work.  So you have to take the top, put it squarely on the bottom, and close all 4 latches, and then it is secure.  You may want to invest in a nicer case, or even a gig bag but I would use this case because it's the latches not the hinges that keep it closed.  Thanks for checking this out and have a great day!!!