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Vintage Japanese Epiphone FT 140, beat up, needs small amount of work

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This a Japanese Epiphone and I believe from my experience and research that this is an FT 140.  The bridge does not appear to be original because I have other FT 140's and usually they have an screw adjustable saddle, which this one does not.  This also doesn't even have a model on the sticker inside, it's just the old blue kalamazoo michigan made in japan sticker (not the large white one, this is a bit older, I should have gotten a pic but I didn't even have room for all the pics I wanted just of the guitar.  Just check my feedback or ask for a picture if you are skeptical).  The sticker has a serial number (108661) but no model number, strange.  The bridge also has a large obvious shim underneath the saddle and the bridge is just slightly coming up, you can get a business card under it, it comes up exactly 1/2 millimeter off the top (which the top is completely flat), and the action has been affected by exactly that much, the action is 4.5 millimeters at the 12th fret instead of 4).  The guitar is playable as is, however you really should at least get the bridge reglued and get a new saddle in there for the best set up, and you should not play this for a long time before you do it because that bridge will go up more over time.  It may take a few years or longer but those strings have high tension and are pulling at that bridge every single day.  

The body is extremely worn, every part of it has some type of ding or scratch or rash or nick , there are some nicks that some ebayers have told me in the past that a nick of that size is a gouge.  I have a picture of the worst case of that in pic 7, the nick does take a little bit off the top of the wood, so I guess that's a gouge.  The keys are all in good shape and the neck appears to be completely straight ( which is the only reason why this is still playable, if the neck was bowing that action would definitely be well over 5 millimeters and that is where only people that have callouses that can ward off fire can play the guitar.  So that is good news in that all you have to do is reglue the bridge for a good set up.  Another thing that is great about these old epiphone japanese FT's is they are often made with a bolt on neck, which this one is, so even if you end up one day in 20 years with the guitar and the neck won't adjust right anymore because at that point it's 70 years old you can easily shim it from the back.

There is a finish crack going completely down the center of the top from the bridge to the bottom and there is cracking in the finish next to it which looks like 4 finish cracks coming together, two are 3 inches long, one is 2 inches long and the other is probably a half inch. They are all finish cracks and all of that is in picture 8 but that was incredibly hard getting that finish crack in there and honestly that's not the best picture in the world, if you are serious about the guitar I don't mind putting it back on the wire and trying again.

Finally the biggest issue and I may even erase a few of these pics and put some new ones up just to get some better views of the damage, but on the bottom it was definitely dropped and the wood was badly cracked and probably even pushed into the inside of the guitar.  Somebody did some kind of repair and it is back together,  the repair looks horrible and you can see the glue on parts, it was definitely done at home by someone with little money and little time to get to the next gig (sound familiar anyone?!?!?!?!  I loved that life but now I am too old to live it, even the doctor told me so!!!) So it is repaired and functional, and I grabbed it and squeezed it and it is a very strong and tight repair (that's the only thing I'll give the fine repairman credit for on this one), but it is as ugly as the beach at high school spring break (if you ever want to get cut on a broken beer bottle do some vacationing in west florida during high school spring break), but at least it's as strong as the spirit those crazy kids have as they obviously buy alcohol illegaly with fake IDS from all over the country in long lines and drink from the driver's seat in their car as they bump music made by guys from neighborhoods that those kids are scared to drive through!!!! (again I loved that life too for some reason but the doctor said I'm too old for it).  

So at this point I'm clearly ready to move on to the next listing because I am just crrrrrazy but here is the overlying point of what I am selling here, It is a functional guitar, it plays and being a vintage japanese epiphone it also sounds incredible.  It has some light project qualities due to the bridge coming up and the 3 1/2 inch square damage that was repaired very poorly on the bottom.   You don't need to fix the bottom but you may want to if you want it to look good, but who ever sees the bottom?  The person this is for is someone that is ready or able to replace the bridge and simply wants the wood and creation of this instrument to play and have this sound, or someone that is willing to play with the bridge lifting and chance it for the next few years before you have to change it( which I strongly recommend against).  This isn't really a project because unless you completely refinish it and have a professional break and repair that damage on the bottom again (which is pointless) this guitar is never going to look like a collector type guitar, and even if you did that it may look great but you may kill the sound and then it's refinished and it still would have the repair even if it looked better collectors don't buy that type of thing, this is for a player only).  The way I put it is that it has passed into the zone of player only guitar.  Usually it's a professional that goes for stuff like this because it now reaks of mojo ( some would call it character but this isn't character, this is mojo that you get out of a vintage guitar that's been through hell and back).  If you think you are going to have any problems before I make the picture corrections I'm going to make (which I can't do now because I have too much stuff to list but I think I'm going to have those by monday 5/21, today being 5/19) please contact me, but if you read the description you almost don't need pictures, but it's supercool that we can do that too!!  You do actually have a 14 day trial period with this, it does need to be returned in the same condition it was sent, but really all that means is if you do a poor reglue on the bridge and send it back or smash it against a wall I won't take it back.  Other than that I will take it back for any reason, seriously, so thanks for checking this out and have a great day!!!