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Vintage Kent Guitar Pick Triangle Picks 1972 NEW

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Vintage Kent Guitar Pick  1970's  New


This is a brand New Kent Triangular  Guitar Pick from the early 1970's,  these came from our own music store, so there guaranteed vintage.  The store closed in 1979, but these are older.  The age of the pick is from the early 70's  probably between 1971 and 1975... 

I can still remember these when I was a kid,  arranging everything in the showcase. 



Condition:   Brand new old store stock,  the pick has never been used, its still  new,  at this point were almost out of these.  Maybe 2 or 3 left...

Originally we had a small box of these, and the lot of picks all had a tiny lettering flaw,  in other words some tiny portion of the lettering was missing, maybe a small part of the T, or the letter K.  It was from the factory

Again its only slight,  the Kent name is easily visible in white on the front..

Color:  Its a brown and white mosaic type pattern  , if thats what they call it.



Shipping cost is $1.50 for the 1st pick, any additional picks are .25 extra shipping.
International Orders to Anyhwere outside the USA is a  flat rate of $3.50 , thats Australia, Europe etc. 

Canada is $1.75