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Vintage Lotus Les Paul creme with Rosewood fretboard & abalone blocks gold knobs

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Vintage Korean made Lotus Les Paul, all original and in overall good shape, this is not a player's beat up rag doll by any means but it has been played.  The guitar is a creme finish with creme body and neck binding and the body binding has aged very nicely around the body.  There is a 1 millimeter nick at the very bottom towards the left that doesn't even come up a millimeter.  In addition there is a 3/4 inch finish crack directly under the casing for the top humbucker.  Original White humbucker pickups, the top one is kind of dirty, I'm sure that is where the main player of this instrument played it. All of the chrome is still in great shape, there is some pitting on the tailpiece, but it's real light, I just really go over these in thick detail.  Original gold speed knobs all clear and smooth turning, clean original electronics, 3 way switch is working great, another switch which I believe is a coil tap, beautiful lotus flower logo on headstock with abalone Lotus logo inlay.

The back is in surprisingly good shape.  There is some light wear which includes some nicking, not much around the bottom back lip probably from it being leaned on concrete in a jam spot cause it is exactly where you would lean it on the ground if you did that, and it is only on the lip, and the largest nick is 2/3 of an inch long and less than a millimeter wide.   The rest of the back is perfect and I don't say that lightly, I did a lot of light angling to search for surface scratching all over this guitar, and there is very little on the front, very little and none on the back.  Which is kind of strange because this has a few obvious signs of having been played but this guy must have always worn a white t shirt with nothing that would cause any kind of a scratch when he played this, I don't know but the back is perfect.  The sides are also in fantastic shape all the way around with the exception of the area at the bottom back lip where it has signs of being leaned on concrete in a garage or something that would scratch it where it was leaned (the whole area is about 4 inches, but only about 1 inch has some nicks through the finish) .

The neck is set up great and being a bolt on leaves all sorts of long time insurance because no matter what happens to this guitar you can always just shim it.  Right now the truss rod turns and it is set up and is totally fine and set up.  The back has a little dirtiness than is from somebody playing a lot of high notes on solos and having the grasp of their hand in that are alot and it just left some dirtiness at the bottom of the neck (pic 8).  There is a finish  crack in pic 9 that is almost exactly at the halfway point up the neck.  In addition this had a made in Korea sticker on it at one point which was taken off long after the finish had already aged so there is a white block right where the sticker was on the back bottom of the headstock, you can see that in pic 12.  

In pic 10 you can see a side view and what is going on is another sign of this guy just playing this guitar a lot but the finish on the bottom side of the neck if you were holding the guitar has cracked right at the seam in many places up the neck.  It's definitely just a seam split from this guitar being really played well.  Whoever owned this really was a player, and they did a good job keeping it in overall good shape.  But I like that I see some character in this, there is absolutely nothing about any of the finish cracking that is a structural problem, and it's not going to start cracking off, you can really tell when you examine it. At first glance it definitely catches your attention but when you feel it and examine it, particularly if you really have done a lot with used stuff it is obvious that it is just a finish separation at the binding, it just happens to look like a crack, but no wood is cracked, just alot of up and down the fingerboard wear, and of course that is why the top is virtually free of the binding separation cracking.  It was just him playing scales, solos and jamming out for a long time all up and down the neck.  Now with all of this playing the last thing I want to mention is the frets are a little low, there aren't any dents in them and they aren't flat but they are lower than new.  The guitar is still totally playable and will be for a long long time, but the frets have worn down now some after probably 30 years.  Again the guitar plays great, it was set up wonderfully when we got it so that is not a problem.

 In fact all of the wear on this guitar is really cool because it's not mystery wear, all of it has an explanation.  I can actually envision those little nicks on the back bottom lip forming over the years from being put down to take breaks between songs, this guy putting his all into learning and perfecting scales and licks and solos at all points in the neck, even the fact that there is a little funk on the pickup casing shows me where this guy played the guitar.  It's like the obvious mystery, easy detective work, and what is so cool about that is I know the guitar has been broken in very well and probably is starting to put out that vintage mojo that all players (particularly people who were able to play when you could still afford 50's and 60's instruments in the 1980's and 90's) know about and love.  That is one of the reasons why Vintage guitars are so cool is you just can't get that sound without having some age, and the more it's been played the more mojo you get.  I have sold people stuff and then they ask to see my personal instruments and people have actually laughed after buying a mint condition piece from me and I am keeping one that has been carved up and cracked all over and broken and repaired, all sorts of problems, and even though I admit that a perfectly clean model of anything is the most valuable as far as collectibility, but I've been around long enough to also know that I'm not a guitar collector, I'm a guitar player and seller and some of my stuff is mint, but other stuff literally is broken vintage stuff put together.  

This has a 14 day inspection period, you can return it for any reason we just want you to be happy and we understand that people have different opinions so we just tell you what we have, make sure it is a real cool piece and then let you fall in love with it, or hate it (which usually doesn't happen).  This will be insured and shipped Fedex and we have packed 1000's of guitars and have enough packing materials here to fill alot of guitar player's apartments to the ceiling.  Thanks for checking this out and have a great day-andy