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Vintage Lyle Acostic Guitar-Japan Made-60-70s??? F-500

  • Price:$200.00

This is a nice vintage Lyle guitar...F-500-In very good condition! One "Tuner" has paper under it-don't know why-there is no chipped finish there. No cracks in the wood---Made in Japan...This guitar has great tone... Enjoy!!!

Lyle Guitar History |

Lyle Guitar History. Lyle guitars are among the rarest brands of electric and acoustic guitars in the world. Produced during an indefinite timeline in the 1960s and ...

The L.D. Heater Music Company

  • The only known American distributor of Lyle guitars is the L.D. Heater Music Company. A small warehouse based in Beaverton, Oregon, L.D. Heater was owned by Norlin, the parent company of Gibson, and known more for their exclusive production rights to Alembic instruments. As protection from potential lawsuits, Lyle guitars were part of the contract that stated under which brand names Gibson-licensed guitars could be produced and distributed


  • Lyle guitars have a legacy of mostly being rare guitar models that are hard to find and popular to collect. Most online reviews of Lyle products are positive, citing their long-term durability as a major asset

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Read more: Lyle Guitar History |

Read more: Lyle Guitar History |