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Vintage Memphis Pro Bass 4 precision bass with Fender headstock

  • Price:$199.99

Vintage Memphis Pro Bass IV Precision bass with the Vintage Fender headstock and Vintage Fender tuning keys.  Sunburst finish with two p bass pickups, vintage style p bass bridge and volume and tone knobs.  The bass is definitely a player's only at this point, if you look at pic 4 there are several screw holes around the bridge.  Also in pic 6 the tone knob has slightly broken the plastic and moves around just a little bit when you touch it, but just a little.   The bass truss rod definitely works, however when we got it the neck was not doing so great and currently the truss rod doesn't have any more room to turn.  It still works, you can turn it the other way but that will bow the neck again.  Eventually the wood will totally secure and allow the truss rod to turn both ways.  The bass is set up well and even though there is light buzzing when played not through an amp there is no fret buzz when amplified.  The action is great.  The bass sounds great, it is a great vintage piece.  Although it is a great vintage piece it still is important that I let you know everything about it.  If you just want a cool piece to play with that will give you the vintage sound and stage presence that you want this is it!!!  We do take returns but please understand that this is worn and you currently can't do much with the action (but the action is very good), and the bass sounds killer.  Thanks for checking this out and have a great day!!!