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Vintage Oahu Hawaiian Steel Guitar (used & reconditioned)

  • Price:$350.00

I am selling my Oahu steel guitar. For its age, the Hawaiian guitar is in excellent shape. As with all old electric guitars, over time the pickup magnets loose power; consequently, output drops proportionally to the field strength of the magnets. To fix this, I replaced the old magnets with rare earth magnets, and rewound the coil with new, ultra fine magnet wire. You can see this process by going to the following YouTube link:  link

 A Hawaiian steel player I am not; however, I did make a first time effort to play this particular instrument. The recording is not great, but you can hear the guitar at this YouTube link:  link

I have no case for the instrument. I will carefully pack it so you will receive it in good condition. I ship UPS but only in the continental United States.

Any questions? Drop me a note.