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Vintage Segovia guitar

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 This is one of my most loved guitars for a few reasons. The wood grain & stain is very deep and stands out much better than most, also, the Segovia shape headstock is well designed and different enough to get some attention. It sounds and plays very well with all systems working and is well balanced at about 8.5 lbs. There are some scratches in the clear only and they are in no way deep (on the back; and very few surface scratches on the front).  Very few nicks that  will not photograph, all of which are touched up. Some fret wear with no buzz at low action. All in all a great guitar to play and show off. I know very little about Segovia (electric) guitars and could find nothing on the web that looks like this one so at 0.99cents I will leave it up to your knowledge and research and hope this finds a good home on stage or in a great collection. Thank you so much.....Bill.         P.S The weird looking line across the body in pic. #3 is a reflection of light.