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Vintage Traynor YBA-3 YBA3 freshly serviced works great and sounds FABULOUS

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Shipping is OPTIONAL. You may pick this item up in Keene, New Hampshire where you will pay NO Shipping, "Handling", or Sales Tax.

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This is one of the most sought classic vintage electric guitar amplifiers.  It's the Traynor YBA-3.  It's just out of the service shop where it got a new rear jack, fresh pilot lamps, bias carefully adjusted for the EL34 output tubes to minimize crossover distortion, all pots cleaned along with all vacuum tube sockets and power measured at 100 watts RMS with minimal distortion.   This amp shows obvious wear and tear, especially to the protective trim around the ends but the case is solid, the amp works great and it sounds terrific.   If you want that classic 60's blues/rock sound, you really need a period amplifier like this!     One plastic control knob has been replaced knob that differs in appearance.  The factory included a schematic diagram of this amplifier inside the case but my tech removed it to protect it from the heat so it will ship with the unit in an envelope for your files and any possible future service.      You are welcome to bring your axe and speaker cabinet and audition this amp before purchase and/or to pick it up and avoid the substantial cost of shipping imposed by its 60 lb. shipping weight.  

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