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Vintage Wound Single Coil Alnico Strat Pickup Set 2 FREE Tone Capacitors

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Strat single coil alnico Pickup Set

Custom Wound Single Coil Alnico Strat Pickup Set

"Alnico Staggers" have all of the boutique components- sweet correct vintage styled cut Alnico 5 polepieces, genuine enamel 42 gauge copper windings on the mid, neck and bridge, all individually vacuum impregnated with genuine Paraffin wax. Shielded for microphonics. Color coded wiring. This set was personally designed and tested, calibrated for the neck, middle and bridge position.

If you want real vintage Strat? tone, but with the modern features like a little extra mustard in bridge pickup, reverse wound middle pickup, Noiseless in Position 2 & 4. Vacuum impregnated paraffin wax soaking, then these are your babes.

Phasing in new wiring style just made with 2 in one wiring cable pre-cut.


Available with black or white covers. If no request with order, white will be sent.

You get ALL THREE pickups, screws, springs.

  • Neck pickup red 7.2K

  • Middle pickup yellow 7.2K

  • Bridge pickup white or blue 8K


Depress all the strings at the last fret. measure the distance from the bottom of the string to the highest pole should be about 3/16 (4.7mm) go up or down on pickup height to taste for that Vintage Quack/ Bell Tone.


Limited Time Offer

2 FREE Tone Capacitors with Purchase.

Panasonic .022UF Metal Polyester 630V

 Alnico magnets are the Vintage tone monsters (SRV) if wound properly. Most lower end strats come with ceramic magnet pickups which are tinny/muddy sounding to me. The default wiring of most Strats makes it so that there is no tone knob for the bridge pickup - only for the middle and neck pickup. Alternate tone wiring with 2 caps give you tone adjustment on bridge pickup. Soldering caps is easy as long as you keep the heat away when soldering. I use alligator clips on upper cap. legs when soldering to keep heat away. Or you can choose to leave wiring as is and just change pickups. These pickups are a major upgrade for any strat.


Dear waltowen,
Walt, you have nailed it! I removed a set of hand-wound/local-made/bucks-up Ultra-Special,bla bla, etc. pups, was told I couldn't do better...You have:cleaner, clearer, brighter, bolder. Old Son, I have what I wanted, I will seek no further. Thank you.
- steelemcdea

Fast Delivery, these Strat pickups sound great. buy these and save $$. A+++++
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AWESOME!! GREAT packing. Fabulous pups, excellent deal, fast shipping
Member id bluecatmassage
Received in record time. These are the real deal. Great deal.
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