1955 Vintage Gibson es350t guitar es 350 t es350 electric

 ES-125 Electric Archtops.

Available: 1941 to 1970
Collectibility Rating: D- (a student model at best).

    1946 ES-125 specs:
    16 1/4" wide, approximately 3.5" thick body, one non-adjustable P-90 pickup with "dog ears", pickup in neck position, tortoise grain pickguard, trapeze tailpiece with raised diamonds, single bound top and back, pearloid traezoid fingerboard inlays, silkscreen logo, sunburst finish.


    1950 ES-125 specs:
    dot fingerboard inlays, plain tailpiece, P-90 pickup with adjustable poles.


    ES-125 discontinued 1970. Note thinline ES-125T, ES-125TC, ES-125TCD versions available starting in 1956 and 1960, respectively.

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